Imagine harnessing the power of Pinterest

And then growing your business in the ways you want – more email signups, more product sales, more people seeing your content, more people engaging with your services.


If you’re a busy female entrepreneur then getting more eyes on the content you’re creating to attract your dream clients and customers is important if you want to grow your business and earn that freedom you desire. 

But have you been feeling like this...

You’re creating all the content but no one is seeing it and you’re approaching burnout.

You’re trying to keep up with posting on social media but you feel like it’s a hamster wheel that isn’t bringing you any results.

You have an amazing product but sales haven’t been where you want them so you’re wondering if your business is really just a hobby.

You’ve actually tried your hand at marketing on Pinterest but felt confused and overwhelmed so you put it on the backburner.

You know Pinterest is where you audience is but you have no idea how to get started or what to do to grow.

You see other business owners connecting to their dream clients or customers and you wonder why you can’t get the same results.

You're not alone

Marketing and doing all the things in your business can be frustrating but...what if there was a platform that could...

Send you substantial traffic month over month and year over year.

Get your business leads on autopilot.

Allow your content to be seen for months or even years instead of a few seconds when someone scrolls by.

Have an understanding of exactly what your audience wants so you can create the content they’re actually looking for.

let's imagine the possibilities together shall we?

Learning Pinterest so that you can finally do all the things you yearn for in your business

With guidance from a Pinterest expert who is in your corner, we’re going to work together so that you… 

CAN get new leads and customers on autopilot.

CAN make more sales of your product and grow your business.

CAN get targeted people to SEE your content.

CAN help you connect with your ideal client or customer.

CAN understand how Pinterest works and how to use it to your benefit.

CAN be equipped with everything you need to confidently create your own Pinterest strategy.

It’s what we do in Pin Plan Pro!

Don't take my word for it...let's look at some results.

Continuous, steady traffic month over month.

Your life before the course:

Your life after the course:


Pin Plan Pro

The course and coaching that will take you from knowing nothing to confidently crafting your own Pinterest marketing strategy.

The Curriculum

What You'll Learn

We’ve covered everything that goes into using Pinterest for your business effectively. First, we’ll lay your foundation, then move into keywords and optimization, then we’ll deep dive into images and how to create pins that get people’s attention, we’ll also go over content types and what to have in place for success. We’ll finish off with workflows and tracking results.

Look at what we'll be covering...

Learn how the foundational things for successful Pinterest marketing

Module 1

Pinterest Foundations

Laying the right foundation is important in anything you do and it’s no different for Pinterest.

Module 2

Keyword Strategy & Optimization

Keywords are vital to your success in many areas and one of them is Pinterest.

Keyword strategy and optimization for Pin Plan Pro

Module 3

Content Strategy & Goals

Pinterest is the tool, your content is what will bring the conversions you’re looking for.

Module 4

Image Strategy & Design

Pinterest is a visual search engine so images will be vital to your success.

Module 5

Consistency Strategy & Workflows

Feeling like Pinterest is just another thing to add to your to do list? Let’s get those workflows going!

Module 6

Tracking Your Results

An important part of any strategy is doing more of what is working. 

All of that plus...

workbook for pin plan pro members

Pin Plan Pro Workbook

Each student of Pin Plan Pro will get their very own workbook for the course. This will help you keep your notes and plans organized.

Pinterest report for Pin Plan Pro

Spreadsheet Analytics Tracking Report

Access our Pinterest account performance spreadsheet that we use to report progress to clients!

Pin templates for Pin Plan Pro

Pin Templates for Canva

Get started designing pins easily with our pin templates for Canva. You can edit and make them your own!

Plus, You'll also get

All the Support You Need

Live Group Calls

Weekly coaching calls for 6 weeks where you can get your questions answered and receive guidance from Elaine.

Facebook Group

A dedicated Facebook group to network with other Pin Plan Pro members.

Workbook & Checklists

The Pin Plan Pro workbook will help guide you through the course and organize your thoughts, ideas, and plans.

Meet Your Mentor

Hi, I'm Elaine!

I’ve been in the online space since 2010 and have built many niche websites. 

I also fell in love with Pinterest during the early days and have been a user since. 

In 2016, I had my first daughter and started a mommy blog, of course. I used Pinterest to drive thousands (like 6 digit thousands) of sessions to my blog. 

I had discovered just how powerful Pinterest can be! Soon, other business owners asked me how I was doing it and that’s when my Pinterest marketing, management, and strategy agency, Elaine Timms Creative was born – in late 2018.

In 2020, I sold my mommy blog and have since continued to help female entrepreneurs harness the power of Pinterest to grow their businesses.

I believe in simplifying, educating, and empowering female entrepreneurs to grow their businesses using strategies that get results with easy-to-manage workflows and organization.

That’s a Total Value of over $1,500

One-time payment of



What Other Business Owners Are Saying

Joyful messes review

Elaine is a real Pinterest queen! She really knows her stuff and we have had the pleasure of seeing it first hand. She keeps on top of everything on Pinterest while growing and maintaining our account. We know we’re in good hands.
– A. Smith


I have spent the last few months working with Elaine on my Pinterest account and not only is she lovely to work with, but she knows her stuff and helped to grow my account in a serious way! If Pinterest is a priority, she is your girl.
– Business Owner, Kids Products

Testimonial (1)

I watched a training that Elaine did about marketing on Pinterest and now I’m going to watch it again with my account open so I can take some action based on her fantastic advice.
– C. Wilson

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We quick off on November 15th, 2021 and coaching runs for 6 weeks. End date is December 20th, 2021.

Yes! And any future updates too.


The deep dive into every area of a solid Pinterest marketing strategy. I’m not only helping you with Pinterest but also optimizing your webiste and content.

Chances of that are very slim but if you are not happy, reach out to me and let’s chat.


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